Word of the Director

The Self-Development and Good Governance Laboratory welcomes you on its own webpage, hoping that you will find the information that interests you in the field of scientific research and that you will be impressed and satisfied. The Laboratory of Self-Development and Good Governance is the body or space that supports and develops scientific research at the Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences, University of 8 May 1945 - Guelma.

The site contains a large amount of information related to scientific research, represented (scientific literature, scientific research system and ethics, research projects,................ etc.) for the research members of the laboratory, Professors of different academic ranks as well as PhD students a new system (LMD).

The laboratory works mainly to encourage joint research work among researchers from within the laboratory and faculty as well as to create opportunities for scientific research with local and international research laboratories. Emphasizing the observance of international standards governing the ethics of scientific research. This can be achieved through the creation, transfer and application of new knowledge, and the preparation of researchers who are able to deal with the needs of the society, which has become more dependent on information and communication technologies; Focus on research problems, which concern him and provide solutions to the institutions and departments in order to contribute to community development.

I hope that the site will interest you and achieve the desired benefit of this page, with sincere appreciation for your visit and our desire to receive your suggestions or information from you to help us to develop and improve the services provided by the laboratory.


Pr. Ghiat Cherif